November 19, 2015

Art, what is it all about?

Painting gallerie. Source:

ART, a word that has been heard frequently in all over the spaces, it has such a discrete meaning that makes people visit museums and galleries as never before, but when it comes to art, people get strangely uncertain to ask too directly, what is art and what is not? Everyone must already know the answer, it's perhaps too obvious, but talking about it, that's the murky thing.


Art is terribly important as a survival mechanism for any culture, from the primitive to the most sophisticated one, all messages from recent civilizations are brought persistently through art. I also believe curiously that the signature of art; in other words what makes us distinguish a work of art; is that in its fullest capacity and purest conditions, art makes us attentive. If you look at a work of art, you can literally re-engage reality, which is the smoothest and the most natural way to distinguish between what's art and what's not.

Blind Fiddler (1806) by David Wilkie. Source:


To the seekers of beauty who will definitely find it in art, I'm not really trying to make things more complex that it seems to be right now (Sorry, if it's getting to philosophical), but somehow beauty is always stuck to art and vice versa, a kind of competing duo where each one helps the other, the Russian-french artist Marc Chagall describes it as "Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers – and never succeeding". in the other side, beauty is nearly a mechanism to move us toward attentiveness of art, we all have a genetic need to experience beauty, but beauty is not the ultimate justification for art, it's the device by which we are led to it.

 Islamic art


Art is the harmony that keeps this world together, the only connection to ancient civilizations, the sophistication that awakes our attentiveness or too clearly, a dynamic communication of feelings described by the British artist David Hockney:"art has to move you and design doesn't, unless it's a good design for a bus".