I'm Mustapha, born and raised in the lovely north african Algeria. Technically I'm an engineer in petroleum industry, but let's talk about my second carrer which is not related anyhow to technology.

I'm a self-educated artist, influeced by the fabulous; enlightening culture of my country and inspired by everything that crosses my mind to finally translate the whole thing to a paint work, it could be hand drawing, calligrapgy, or just playing around with eye pleasant colors.

Visual appearance has been enormously interesting to me since I've been a child, which is defenetly the clue of my heart being swayed between visual arts and fashion.

Fashion makes a big building block of my life's wall, I'm not saying that I'm fashionist, but I think that it's more than just wearing clothes, it's about how we make it more resonant, in other words, make it more approching to artistic aspect.

Artistically Happy was basically dedicated to share my personal works of art, but actually it has become wider after one simple question: why not share all my interests with world wie seekers of inspiration?
Starting with art advices and galleries for art lovers, fashion trends and outfits for the fashion amatives, or the everything combined for peaple with a beatiful insight.

I hope you enjoy what you read, see or feel on Artistically Happy, and why not sharing your thoughts whith us ?!