November 29, 2015

Be ready! Stylish winter has came

Be ready! Stylish winter has came
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Guys! Winter has already come, it's cold, it's rough and it will last few months, I'm not saying it's Alaska-style winter, thanks God North-African winter has been  kind for a the few last decades, though, a man should be ready anyway, maybe with robust materials and quality constructions, in other words, a COAT.

When it comes to winter's unkindness, coats has been the favorite allies like forever, but when we consider stylish outerwear, the only question that comes to the men who care: How to choose a coat, and how to wear it?

Trust me boys, the time of edgy, classic looks is dead, 2016 is on the doors, so what the hell ! This season we are going to see all new definition of winter coats, screw all the ' how-to-wear-rules ' and just feel free to wear them with anything, I mean if the coat fits you and you like it, then mix it, match it and style it to your mood. That simple ?  Yah !! today you can wear a suit with a parka, or a sporty look with an elegant camel coat.     

Now that we've made thing clear, let's talk about a bunch of coats every man should own, the list below includes elegance, robustness and utility, all of them matched to a "trés à la mode" coats that you should go after to rock the winter.  


Barely changed in three centuries, the super-formal overcoat works now with hoodies and joggers as much as a suit. The only coat that anyone who knew anything about fashion wore is getting a lot of popularity, I think because it no surprisingly goes with the most two fashion trends these days, the European minimalist style, also the anti-fit trend meaning the famous wave of oversized clothes, I'm not saying here that it should look bulky and baggy, but if the shoulders fit perfectly (not to tight and never slouchy) then everything else doesn't matter.


Meant to be the elegant version of the raincoat, this classic outerwear was designed as the alternative of a heavy wool coat which soaks up mud and rain in the trenches. The trench coat is often the best option of versatility in winter, if you want to stay under the shades of classy elegance of course, and the good thing about it is that you can wear it to the office in a more official look, or maybe just match it with your best casual leisurewear, but for sure it will always stay effortlessly chic.


This all-purpose winter coat will keep you protected no matter what mother nature throws at you, and there's no surprise to say that it's the number one favourite coat style for man is going strong this season too. What I think about a parka coat is that it adds coolness to a look, just choose a neutral color or perhaps dare something else, think outside the box, layer it over your look and act like you know our style wise, yah, trust me you are.